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SCHLÜNDER BROT UND KUCHEN AND ITS FAMILY Christoph Schlünder, the first company owner, descends from an old traditional family. For more than 540 years the property has belonged to the one and same family. More than 540 years all ancestors (17 generations) were diligent farmers who always had a bakery of their own. As documents prove the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were also industrious employers.


From 1816 – 1870 they were the “Royal Postmasters” in the area. The estate was an important traffic junction for postal services. At that time a water mill and a dairy farm belonged to the family estate.


In 1923 a bakery was added producing farm bread for local people. The area is still named after the Schlünder farm and can be found in all map reference books under Am Schlünder.


In 1927 his father (1899 – 1972) founded the “Ruhrtaler Pumpernickel Bakery”. Genuine Pumpernickel is a Westphalian speciality.


In 1943 during the Second World War the mill and bakery company were destroyed.


In 1957 the bakery started to export the first vacuum packed whole meal bread to other countries around the globe. In 1958 this product was supplied to the USA, Canada and Australia.


The huge industrialisation process, however, continued rapidly together with the permanent concentration of the food business.
Schlünder Brot & Kuchen  is supplying quality baked products to the food industry since 1965.


By the end of the year 1960 Schlünder  Sponge Cake Layer (a basis for fruit and Sponge flanks) with a long shelf life were created  becoming the best export seller for the company.


In 1966, apart from his parent company, Schlünder specialised on exporting this genuine Westphalian “Dark Bread” called “Pumpernickel” and further reputed specialities all over the world.


Since 1982 the small Schlünder  Foil Cakes 400g 14 OZ / became very popular.


At Christmas time Schlünder  “Stollen”, also known as “Christstollen” or “Holiday Cake”, have always belonged to the German cake tradition which since 1990 has been produced to a great extent only in Germany and its neighbouring countries but particularly in USA and Canada.


For ten years now Schlünder  Liqueur Cakes have been produced with an increasing success and are going from strength to strength to become a second season star item from September to April. Famous alcohol specialities guarantee an excellent taste and a long shelf life.


Since 2011 the small Schlünder Stollen pices became very popular.

Due to the bread sales expanding new lines were developed and introduced :

  • Schlünder bread 500g w/washed grains in hygienic double pack (Shelf life is 10–12 months)
  • Schlünder Yeastfree Bread (Shelf life is 10 months)
  • Bavarian Organic bread (Shelf life is up to 10 – 12 months)
  • Bavarian Gluten free Bread (Shelf life is 7 months)

All bread lines are :

  • without artificial preservatives
  • without additives
  • without GMO

Schlünder bread and cakes are exported since more than 50 years successfully to USA, Canada, South America, Africa, Emirates, Australia, Asia, Chile and European Communities (EU). Schlünder products can also be enjoyed in 5 star hotels, top restaurants, department stores and on the airlines